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Mental Health First Aid training for leaders from spiritual communities

Building Bridges for Inclusive Care is an initiative being implemented by the Peel Service Collaborative which has dedicated itself to building bridges between the formal and informal (e.g. faith-based) mental health and addiction support systems in Peel. The Peel region has one of the highest religious affiliation rates in the Greater Toronto area and for many believers, their […]

Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services — Advancing Health with CLAS — NEJM

Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services — Advancing Health with CLAS — NEJM. NATIONAL STANDARDS FOR CULTURALLY AND LINGUISTICALLY APPROPRIATE SERVICES (CLAS) IN HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE. The CLAS standards are intended to advance health equity, improve quality, and help eliminate health care disparities by establishing a blueprint for health and health care organizations: Principal Standard […]

What is Med Ed?

When it comes to medications for mental illness, my 25 years of experience tells me that you can only assume one thing with reasonable accuracy: people have strong feeling about taking medications for mental illness. I’m a professor of psychiatry and a pharmacist. A lot of what I do is meet with families to speak with […]

Podcast: MedEd (in Arabic) Dr. Yasser Ad-Dab’bagh discusses the Arabic version of MedEd, a booklet which helps teenagers with mental health issues to understand their medication and its side effects and to help them track their side effects, symptoms and changing dosage.

Podcast: Common mental health problems among immigrants

In this podcast, Dr. Laurence J. Kirmayer describes the key points of the common mental health problems review of the Canadian Collaboration for Immigrant and Refugee Health Evidence-based clinical guidelines. Key points: Among immigrants, the prevalence of common mentalhealth problems is initially lower than in the generalpopulation, but over time, it increases to become similar tothat […]

New video on the Cultural Consultation Service “We live in a time of mass migration and of displaced populations and receiving countries are really strained to accommodate and understand new arrivals and it is causing questions, soul-searching questions around the world. Governments and medical institutions struggle to understand how to help people.” Using examples from previous patients drawn from an incredibly diverse population […]

Minorités sexuelles, minorités culturelles

Entrevues Entrevue avec Edward Ou Jin Lee, membre de l’organisme AGIR et étudiant au doctorat, travail social, Université McGill et Habib El-Hage, chercheur METISS, intervenant social, Collège de Rosemont, par Andréanne Boisjoli. « Il faut préparer les intervenants à bien comprendre la question LGBTQ dans un contexte d’immigration, et la complexité sociale dans laquelle ces […]

Formations de base en interculturel

Nos partenaires au CSSS de la Montage offrent le formations de base en interculturel pour tous les intervenants du CSSS de la Montagne ou de ses partenaires (groupes  communautaires et autres établissements du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux) travaillant en milieu pluriethnique. La formation est générale; elle ne vise pas à former […]

MMHRC March 2014 Newsletter

The March 2014 newsletter is out! It previews the content of the newly relaunched site, features an article, “Potential Contributions of Cultural-Clinical Psychology to a Revisioned Psychiatry” by Dr. Andrew G. Ryder & Dr. Yulia E. Chentsova-Dutton, highlights one of our favourite MMHRC podcasts, Dr. Cécile Rousseau talking about the two-way relationship between immigrants and […]

Jaswant Guzder on Child Cultural Consultations Jaswant Guzder, head of Child Psychiatry at the Jewish General Hospital, talks about Cultural Consultation sessions with children. What are the principles of child cultural competence, what are some typical agendas during child cultural consultations, and what are some themes of concern? Veuillez noter que la vidéo est disponible uniquement en anglais. Dre Jaswant […]