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Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health
The Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health (CCSMH)  works to ensure that seniors’ mental health is recognized as a key Canadian health and wellness issue. Working with partners across the country, the CCSMH is busy facilitating initiatives to enhance and promote seniors’ mental health. The site provides links to clinical resources and policy documents.

Guidelines for Comprehensive Mental Health Services for Older Adults in Canada
This document produced by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Seniors Advisory Committee provides recommendations for a model for a comprehensive mental health service system for seniors, informed by current evidence and considered within the context of guiding values and principles important to Canadian seniors (e.g., respect and dignity, self determination, independence and choice for consumers), as well as the concepts of recovery, mental health promotion and mental illness prevention.

Service Provider Resource Guide
The SERVICE PROVIDER RESOURCE GUIDE provides information about psychosocial approaches  to promote and/or support older adults’ mental health and  prevent or address seniors’ mental health problems in Canada. The manual was developed by the Seniors’ Psychosocial Interest Group (SPIC) of the British Columbia Psychogeriatric Association (BCPGA).

National Benchmarks for Treatment of Senior’s Mental Health
This article recommends guidelines for hospitals and health care workers for comprehensive mental health services for older adults in Canada, in particular the provision of a sufficient number of residential mental health beds for seniors.

Building Adequate Seniors’ Homes
This article from Entrevues published in February 2014 by Migration et Ethnicité dans les Interventions en Santé et en Service Sociaux (METISS) discusses means of creating a home-like atmosphere in a seniors’ residence where personal autonomy and the need for specialized medical services are balanced in an intermediary establishment through public-private partnership. The article outlines the multicultural aspects of building such a home. A Montreal-based case-study is presented . This article is only available in French.