About Us

The Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre (MMHRC) seeks to improve the quality and availability of mental health services for people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including immigrants, refugees, and members of established ethnocultural communities. Addressing issues of language, culture, religion and other aspects of cultural diversity can promote greater equity in mental health care.

This website presents resources designed for laypeople, patients and their families, community organizations, health professionals, and policy makers, planners and administrators:

For laypeople, patients and consumers: multilingual information on mental health problems and treatments as well as information about how to find culturally-appropriate mental health services.

For family members and caregivers: information about resources and ways to help family members maintain their well-being.

For health care professionals: information on cultural-assessment tools and methods, access to interpreters and culture brokers, and recommendations for culturally-adapted treatment interventions.

For community organizations: materials for education about support programs for people living with mental health problems, and advocacy and stigma reduction.

For organizations, policy makers, administrators: information on health disparities, recommendations to improve cultural competence in the organization, and models of mental health services and interventions to address diversity.

The Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre was developed with support from the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the CIHR and is currently maintained by the Culture and Mental Health Research Unit and the Cultural Consultation Service of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

Indigenous Peoples resources are maintained in collaboration with the Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research.

Educational and training activities of the MMHRC are conducted through the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry of McGill University.


Information provided on this website is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional.

This website does not accept advertising.

We provide no personal or medical information on this website. The only user-provided information are comments to blog posts. We do not take any responsibility for private information that might be revealed in these comments. Everyone who writes a blog post understands that blog posts and podcasts are made available to the general public.