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What is the MMHRC listserv?

The Multicultural Mental Health Resource Center maintains an e-mail listserv to promote knowledge exchange in the area of culture and mental health services. Researchers, health professionals, community organizations, policy makers, and others interested in the cultural aspects of mental health will find a national forum and community of scholars and practitioners in multicultural mental health. This is a useful place to post questions, share information on resources and find information related to multicultural mental health.

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    Who uses the MMHRC listserv?

    Anyone interested in multicultural mental health services in Canada, including:

    • Mental health practitioners, nurses, social workers, physicians and other health professionals interested in the significance of culture for mental health issues
    • Community organizations, consumer organizations or policymakers and others who are interested in the field of multicultural mental health
    • Researchers, educators, and students interested in the relationship between culture and mental health

    Goals of the MMHRC listserv

    • To build a national network of people interested in improving access to care and quality of services for Canada’s culturally diverse population
    • To disseminate news of meetings, projects and opportunities relevant to multicultural mental health
    • To identify and share resources needed to provide multicultural mental health care (e.g. self-care programs, patient information in different languages, diagnostic and assessment tools, treatment guidelines, community interventions, training materials for professionals and lay care providers, cultural mediators or consultants)
    • To provide a place for discussion relevant to developing and improving multicultural mental health services
    • To help develop a multicultural mental health resource centre that can support the MHC KEC

    What do we talk about on the MMHRC listserv?

    The MMHRC project aims to collect and develop resources to assist in the delivery of mental health care to Canada’s diverse population. This includes such materials as:

    • Information for consumers/patients on mental health in specific languages
    • Training modules or self-assessment materials for CME in cultural competence
    • Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of specific mental health problems among immigrants and refugees
    • Guidelines for working with interpreters
    • Guidelines for working with cultural mediators
    • Culturally appropriate diagnostic assessment tools
    • Web-based diagnostic or assessment tools
    • Information on ethnocultural community organizations

    How do I subscribe to the MMHRC list?

    To subscribe to the list, you can fill out the form on this page or send a message to [email protected] with a blank subject and the phrase “SUBSCRIBE MMHRC” in the body (without quotes).

    How do I post to the MMHRC list?

    • Once you have completed your subscription to MMHRC, you can post your messages for all others who subscribe to the mailing list by sending them to the listserv program. Simply address your e-mail to: [email protected], and it will be distributed to all list members.
    • Please note: Your postings must be submitted from the e-mail address you used when you subscribed to the listserv. You are recognized in the system by your e-mail address, not your name.
    • Please note: When you reply directly to the listserv, your messages will automatically go out to all subscribers. If you intend a message to be sent just to one person (e.g. the member who posted the original message to the listerv) make certain you are replying just to their e-mail address.