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Services for Torture Survivors

Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
The Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT) based in Toronto aids survivors in overcoming the lasting effects of torture and war. In partnership with the community, the Centre supports survivors in the process of successful integration into Canadian society, works for their protection and integrity, and raises awareness of the continuing effects of torture and war on survivors and their families. The CCVT gives hope after the horror. The CCVT is a non-profit organization, founded by several Toronto doctors, lawyers and social service professionals, many of whom were associated with Amnesty International

RIVO: Intervention Network for Persons Affected by Organized Violence
RIVO is a Montreal-based network of therapists and community workers concerned with the well-being of survivors of torture and other forms of organized political violence. They offer individual psychotherapeutic follow-up to survivors free of charge and a variety of psychosocial support such as housing and language through their member organizations. Additionally, RIVO offers training on working with survivors to organizations request such help.