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Mental Health First Aid training for leaders from spiritual communities

Building Bridges for Inclusive Care is an initiative being implemented by the Peel Service Collaborative which has dedicated itself to building bridges between the formal and informal (e.g. faith-based) mental health and addiction support systems in Peel. The Peel region has one of the highest religious affiliation rates in the Greater Toronto area and for many believers, their […]

Vidéo : Ghayda Hassan – Lignes directrices pour guider le travail auprès des immigrants

Dr. Ghayda Hassan est professeur en psychologie à l’université the Québec à Montréal. Elle est l’une des auteurs des lignes directrices cliniques fondées sur des preuves pour les immigrants et les réfugiés. Dans cette entrevue elle aborde des lignes directrices pour la santé mentale des immigrants et des réfugiés au Canada. Elle explique les raisons […]

Invisible Children

For many illegal immigrants who have children, one of their main concerns is access to schooling. Without valid documentation, the parents are often forced to pay school fees for their children, which is not always possible. Some parents decide not to send their children to school, out of fear of being identified. In the cases […]

Podcast: Post-partum depression and immigrant women

Paola Ardiles, founder and network lead at BridgeforHealth.org speaks about postpartum depression (PPD) within the immigrant population in Canada. What are some of the specific challenges immigrant women with PPD face? What services are out there to help and what do caregivers need to know about working with immigrant women with PPD? To read more […]