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Jaswant Guzder on Child Cultural Consultations

http://vimeo.com/86726372 Jaswant Guzder, head of Child Psychiatry at the Jewish General Hospital, talks about Cultural Consultation sessions with children. What are the principles of child cultural competence, what are some typical agendas during child cultural consultations, and what are some themes of concern?http://vimeo.com/86726372 Veuillez noter que la vidéo est disponible uniquement en anglais. Dre Jaswant […]

Cécile Rousseau: A Relational Story

VIDEO “It’s not only about the migrants, it’s about the migrants and us as a majority… just like in a couple we’re part of the equation.” Cécile Rousseau, Director of the Transcultural Child Psychiatry Clinic at the Montreal Children’s Hospital proposes a widening of focus when we think of immigrants and mental health to include […]

Dr. Jaswant Guzder: Culture and working with families

VIDEO “The whole trajectory of development is shaped by cultural expectations” Dr. Jaswant Guzder, head of Child Psychiatry at the Jewish General Hospital discusses the influence of culture in her work with families. In her practice, she often encounters children and parents negotiating between two cultures, a Western one which often emphasizes individualism and the […]