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Methodology Used to Select Policy Documents

We conducted Internet and literature database searches using the following terms: “multicultural”, “policy(ies)” ,“immigrant”, “cultural diversity”, “ethnicity”, “racism”, “racial discrimination”, ”stigma”, and “refugees” AND “Canada” AND “mental health” being constants.

Inclusion criteria:

  1. Documents having to do with policy: creation; action plans; best practices; consultation and/or reports; ethical standards; mental health acts; resources; strategies; guidelines.
  2. Systematically refine search by adding each of the key words found under “exclusion criteria”.
  3. Further refine search using “multicultural” “mental health policies” by each of the following geographic zones: international; national; provincial/territorial; municipal/regional.
  4. Final refinement using the following tags: governmental; non-governmental; private institution.

Criteria used for evaluating chosen sites:

  1. Recognizable and identifiable entity (ex. Government; community organizations; well-established national and international organizations, such as WHO;
  2. Extensive review process of stakeholders (academic, government and public) at least two of three;
  3. Objectives and purpose and methodology clearly outlined;
  4. Recommendations included.

Final refinement by the following categories:

  • Special Issues
  • Providing interpreters
  • Culture brokers or mediators
  • Addressing racism, racial discrimination and stigma
  • Refugees
  • Immigration and resettlement