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Mental Health in Children & Youth

Caring for Kids New to Canada
This organization provides resources for immigrant and refugee youth. The link provides a list of community services available to immigrant and refugee youth across Canada.

What Does it Mean to Be a Canadian Youth?
This document examines the ways in which Canadian Youth of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant origins construct/develop and express their national identities or sense of belonging in Canada. It further investigates the influence of immigration on adolescents’ perceptions of the significance of being a Canadian.

Cultivating Growth and Solidarity
This Mental Health Hub for Asian Communities in Canada (University of Victoria) has provided a fillable PDF document for the mental health of children and youth (with a separate document for adults). It provides hands-on information and activities concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and related anti-Asian racism, Black Lives Matter uprisings, and Indigenous land and water defenders asserting their rights and sovereignty.

Youth-Friendly Information on Cannabis Use
An engaging and youth-friendly resource for youth, developed by youth, about Cannabis and its uses, effects, risks, and safety.

Substance Use and Immigrant Youth
Information provided by Caring for kids Canada about substance use in first-generation youth new to Canada.

Mental Illness in Children and Youth
These fact sheets explain some of the common mental disorders that affect children and adolescents, including anxiety disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and eating disorders, in multiple languages. They provide information for parents and caregivers on how to find help for a young person.

Healthy Thinking for Children and Youth