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Interpreters and Culture Brokers

Language Barriers in Access to Health Care
This comprehensive document presents the issues to be addressed as they pertain to language barriers which affect access to health care. In addition to research findings and the identification of specific populations, there are recommendation to be considered when developing “standards of practice”.and “models of care” within Canada.

Policy & Procedure Manual: Clinical – Interpretation & Translation Services
The University Health Network (UHN), Toronto, developed this policy document in 2008. The UHN provides quality health care interpretation services to limited English proficiency patients and their families using qualified translators and interpreters with recognized competency and experiences in the field.

Healthcare Interpreter Policy: Policy determinants and current issues in the Australian context
This article reviews  healthcare interpreter policy covering both the written and the unwritten actions that affect  interpreter services, their structure, funding and service provision arrangements. A model of interpreter service policy is proposed which identifies the interactive policy determinants: interpreter provider factors, non-English speaking (NES) patient factors, managerial factors, health system factors, stakeholder factors, factors associated with non-health sectors and evidence and research. Pam Garrett  (2005)  International Journal for Translation & Interpreting Research.

Cultural Brokers BlogSpot
The Cultural Brokers BlogSpot provides information and brochures for cultural brokers such as definitions, the role cultural brokers play in a multicultural context and their importance in service delivery. This site also describes some key terms and concepts that community organizations which use cultural brokers should know in order to provide appropriate care for people from different ethnocultural backgrounds. It also provides information about managing multicultural teams and ways of exchanging meaningful and unambiguous information across cultural boundaries, in a way that preserves mutual respect and minimizes antagonism.